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6/6/18 Blog Post:

What has been your most inspirational trip?

One of my most inspirational trips was my first time to New York City. I took a fashion class my senior year in high school, and the very last part of the class was traveling to NYC. Coming from a small town, NYC was like a different world filled with bright lights and racing taxis.  Our class visited the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum which had a Princess Diana exhibit filled with all her memorable dresses. I remember just standing in front of the dresses studying them just like art. They were breathtaking.  We also went to some textile companies filled with big long yards of bright printed designs. I saw planning for fashion seasons years in advance of release. I felt so inspired by all the colors and shapes. 

I know fashion can sometimes be viewed as superficial, but to me I love being able to celebrate how I feel through what I wear. The bright and sassy colors make me feel extra confident. I like to match my outside appearance to my inner lady boss. 

This trip was part of my inspiration for creating this start-up company. I want other women to feel fabulous both inside and out. I hope this vision is reflected in my parties and flattering clothing.  You are all unstoppable lady bosses deserving to be inspired and CELEBRATED. Cheers

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