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Huntress Emily

Huntress Emily

Welcome Home, Lady Boss!

My name is Emily, and I’m always on the hunt for flattering clothing and accessories that brings out your confident style. I celebrate my passion for fashion and friends by hosting my own live, online shopping parties… Since being a hunter and hostess are my specialties, people call me Huntress Emily!

I started this online boutique because I could not find fun shopping experiences for real women.  I’ve always struggled with feeling confident in my body at different sizes, and quite frankly, have just gotten tired of trying on clothes that don’t have a flattering fit.  So, I found my inner Lady Boss and created: Huntress Shopping Parties!

Now, I use my own experience in merchandising and fashion to help women all over the world find flattering styles. I’m here to prove that no matter what struggles you have in life, you deserve to feel good! YOU are worth celebrating and look damn good doing it.

My live, online shopping parties will be your new favorite Happy Hour: a chance to meet up with your friends—with signature drink in hand!  Welcome to the party, Lady Boss!

Check out my Spotlight Services:

  1. Mark your calendar for my weekly Facebook Live Parties every Thursday 8:30pm CST.  Live cocktail parties are always themed & featuring the latest clothing trends. Follow HERE.  
  2. Join my FREE Huntress Facebook Group full of inspiration, clothing & cocktails...extra dirty vodka martini for me!  Party and connect in between Live Shows HERE.  
  3. Purchase the curated monthly membership box of my favorite on-trend styles HERE